Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by the Broke and the Bookish. They give us a list of our top ten things to write about, and we do!


This weeks is Top Ten New-To-Me Authors I Read In 2014

  1. Kelley Armstrong. She introduced to me to the amazing Darkest Minds trilogy, and I adored it! I have to read more by her
  2. Rainbow Rowell. Oh my goodness Fangirl. Then Eleanor and Park, and oh I need more. I love her!!!
  3. Sarah Dessen. Another woman I have to read more of
  4. Kiera Cass. Another great series (the Selection) that I adored
  5. William Shakespeare. Not that I loved it especially, I’m just so proud I finally read something by him
  6. George R.R Martin. It was a massive book, but I read it! Now onto the next 900 pages…
  7. Umm… Julie Kagawa? I can’t remember if I read the Iron Fey series this year or last year. Either way, it was good!
  8. Nelson Mandela. Okay, it was one book, a biography, but still. It was amazing
  9. Oh wow, this is really hard… Ben Elton. Again, just one book, Two Brothers. It was one of the best historical fiction books I’ve ever read though, so he makes the list
  10. Lauren Oliver. Wow, did I read more than one book by any author?!? Anyway, she’s amazing, and I have to read Delerium ASAP

As usual, send me a link to your own post. Let me know who I’m missing out, and what you think of the authors I have read. Should I especially read any more books by them? 

Also, did anyone notice IT’S SNOWING ON MY BLOG?? Why oh why can’t we do this all year round? 🙂

4 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday

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  1. The Darkest Minds has been at the top of my to read list for a few months now! It surprised me that I really liked Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire, because it’s not my usual book. He just has such great characters! There’s another one I have to read, Iron Fey!

    I did notice your blog was snowing. I like non cold snow!

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  2. I have a Rainbow Rowell book on my shelf to read which is Eleanor and Park. I have heard so many things about her books, it is about time I picked one up! I don’t really like Sarah Dessen though. I read two of her books and couldn’t stand them >< As for William Shakespeare, I like some of his plays and others not as much. Glad to see you participating in this meme ^^


    1. Eleanor and Park is AMAZING, I hope you love it as much as I did!! Oh, that’s a shame you didn’t like them. What ones did you read? Maybe some are worse than others? It’s a great meme, it’s so fun to write lists!!


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